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Things I Do for Money

Things I Do for Money

Things I Do for Money
201989 Min.5/10
Brothers Eli and Nick are genius cellists, but as they prepare to audition for the opportunity of a lifetime, they inadvertently steal a bag of money from a hitman. They are abruptly thrust into a world of crime, blackmailed to act as performing decoys during the thet of an eight-million-dollar painting. Suddenly, the brothers are no longer just fighting for a place in a prestigious music academy, but for their lives, too.
Ficha Técnica
TítuloThings I Do for Money
Título OriginalThings I Do for Money
Duración89 Min.
Año de Estreno2019
GénerosCrimen, Drama, Acción, Suspenso, Música
DirectoresWarren P. Sonoda, Warren P. Sonoda, Warren P. Sonoda
ActoresDanilo Reyes, Jennifer Lynn Walton, Dax Lough, Ed Aoki, Colette Zacca, Ali A. Kazmi, Lois Andrews, Yash Betgeri, Chris Briscoe, Claudette Brundage, Sean Meldrum, Jen Pogue, Emily Andrews
ProductoresMark Gingras, Michael Paszt, Warren P. Sonoda, John Laing, James Fler, Andrew Thomas Hunt, Avi Federgreen, Jen Pogue, Byron Wong, Emily Andrews, Laura Nordin, Gary R.D. Nolan, Marvin Waxman